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Friday, March 4

Andrej Pejic - Pretty Boy!!

Can you tell?
Yes it really is a man and yes that is Jean Paul Gaultier's Bridal collection he is wearing.....

I guess this will be my first "touchy post" here on Creme De La Trend.....

Andrej. Hmmmm, although very handsome (and I do think a man with feminine looks can be!!)  I find it all a little disturbing..... I think it is pushing the high fashion androgynous look a little too far. What we need to remember is these things trickle down..... into everybodies subconsious in the strangests of ways.
They are blurring the line bettween a man and a woman and although I think that this is something that could be fun to play with for shoots, editorials and campaigns, but I dont think it should be a permenaunt fixture nor widely accepted. Whats left?? and furthermore his body shape is impossible for a girl to acheive without effectively starving herself or removing all of her breast tissue (sorry to be gross but true!)...... even the most flat chested models (as most of them are because they are so painfully thin) have a definite shape to their breast plate. that is the female form, different to the male and we should revel in it and celebrate it.

As you well know I refer to models as Aliens as they are beauties of an other worldly sort. Andrej, I guess fits the bill pretty well! In the end he just looks like every other model of the moment.....Male or female......

Shel xoxo

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