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Saturday, March 5

Saturday Morning Shop.

How cute are the pumps seen at Chloe S/S 11??

People sometimes shy away from plastic shoes in the summer but nicely made ones
(with little perforated holes in the in step) are super cute and non sweaty!.

I wonder how much these will price point for!
Still not convinced? the open sandals are sweet too and you can get your hands on a similar pair for a fraction of the price at Zara (39.99)

Maybe I will start doing a Saturday morning post, I will post something you can find on the high street that's in stores now?

Shel xoxo


mag said...

I love plastic shoes. The first picture is amazing.

Shelly P said...

Me too :) When I find out the price I will post....I expect them to be pretty pricey for plastic though! As always I will be on the look out for a similar pair for a not similar Chloe price!

Thanks for the comment and please add yourself as a follower! I don't see your pretty picture in my members area!

Shell xoxo