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Friday, March 11

Your input = my happiness!!

Hi Guys!
I wanted to do a post to say thank you for your comments and bring to your attention my new "Feed Me" function.

I realise that alot of you who view the site are not signed up as members and I know that it can be annoying to join if your just having a browse! (but please do!!)

You can still give me your input without have to "follow me" "like me" "link me"or anything else that involves creating accounts or logging in!

You can just click one of the boxs under the post and let me know what you think. 
This will help me to tailor Creme De La Trend towards more of what you want to see!
 Looking forward to hearing from ya'll :)

(Tick boxs just below post to the left)
Shel xoxo

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