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Wednesday, March 16

A pirates life for me!!

In my what seems like an eternal search for the jumper Rhianna wears in her "whats my name" video I have been wide eyed for anything in cornflower blue!

So off I went to Absolute vintage to have a rummage and then stopped off in urban outfitters where I came across this gorgeous over sized silk shirt! Its a reworked vintage piece and although it looks hideous just hung up it is SUPER cute on! It has cute iridescent buttons and looks best tucked in or tied at the front (gently) with the sleeves rolled - I can't wait to wear it!!! just have to find some cornflower blue polish and I guess I will have my Ri Ri inspired look!!
I still NEED a mohair jumper/cardigan though!

Also picked up this skull I have had my eye on for a while, I actually wanted an Jewel encrusted one a la Damian Hirst but I don't have the millions. (Not to mention its a real human skull-Gross!)

This one is just as sexy! Its pearlised! a fake skull and looks hot on my desk :)

Silk Shirt + Skull - Urban Outfitters

Shel xoxo

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