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Thursday, March 3

Just call me Audrey!!

For my birthday every year I like to wear a vintage LBD (Little Black Dress) for my party
(I have found a great venue for this year!)

Although this time I may need to make an exception on the vintage side!

I picked up this dress, I had been lusting over it from Whistles all winter! I refused to pay the original price knowing full well I could get a vintage dress twice as nice for half the price - (hey that rhymes)  anyway it went in the sale and I picked it up for a great price.

It is a little hard to get the picture of how cute this dress is with it being all black....but if your an avid follower here at Creme De La Trend then you may remember me posting about it before today ;0)

It has a super low cut out back it is quite loosely fitted and all around the hem you have semi circle chiffon petals (So Marchesa!! just a less intense) 

I would love to wear it with a pair of Chanel heels! Or some nice Lucite sandals - Tres Chic, Non?!

Shel xoxo

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