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Saturday, March 19

Your host

Hello it's me  :)
I pinned my hair up the other day and got so many comments on how nice it looked of course I needed to share it with you!
You have asked me to do a video tutorial on a few of my hair styles so that's something I will try to put together - I am not gonna talk though! don't you hate hearing yourself on video playback??
I think I have been eternally mortified from hearing my audition for a presenting job..... but that's another story!
Don't ask me how I did this!! It took me about 5mins max! pining my hair is something I just do well!
(on a list of not many things)
Please excuse shiny forehead and tired eyes! (Long day)
Did you notice my new bright pumps? Post on those soon - pinkie promise!!

Shel xoxo

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