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Thursday, March 3

The White Stuff

A great tip I picked up from one very house proud Italian Mama was dotting your house with diffusers.

I love a scented candle as much as the next person but they don't always smell how they smell unlit! and certainly the ones that do a very pricey! (Diptyque and DL& Co do the best ones) Also I always feel a little unsettled when burning a candle I cant see no matter where I put it and no matter how much glass is around, which means annoyingly I tend to stay/hover in that room while the candle is on.

I recently purchased a 3 set from The White Company and they smell delicious! I will definitely be investing in more!
On my many visits to Italy I saw an abundance of them they do great big jars of the stuff and in every scent you can imagine.

I am very particular about how my house smells and right now it smells too yummy!!

Shel xoxo

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