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Tuesday, July 26

Cheeky Little Minx

Today I visited the Daniel Galvin Salon in Marylebone.
I went with my girlfriend to get my nails Minx'ed for Ibiza and I LOVE LOVE THEM!!!!
It is the first time I have had this done and I am really happy with the result! I went with a hologram design as I didn't fancy the full on gold or silver!

Its graduated into a clear coat.
I got so many comments on how nice they looked and I must say they are well worth doing!! The staff were lovely and it had a really nice atmosphere! Very chilled and up beat! all the girls were smiling and being polite! I think its important when you go for a pamper thats exactly what you get! Agro on a girly day is not allowed! ah ah!!

Have you noticed the little snap shots of my new bunny Rabito? He is my awesome new iPhone cover! he can stand up on my desk or pop his tail off and clean my screen! His ears double as earphone holders too!

Shel xoxo

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