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Friday, August 1

That comfy kinda love!

While shopping in Paris with the balls of my feet burning, similar I am sure to the feeling of walking on hot coals. I discovered Espradrilles (I really didnt like them before) my boyfriend picked me up a pair of plain cream espadrilles and I reluctantly slipped them on......and POW not only did they effortlessly match my outfit (Peach skinnys from all saints and checkered old maids shirt form Spitalfields) fit around my feet like ribbons feel as though they were made just for me they also felt like I had had them for years! they!! How could i have been missing out on these stylish gems? I started my research as soon as i got home and found this site! I will be investing in 2 pairs at least! Pink and black!

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Anonymous said...

Your boyfriend must have a good taste..