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Sunday, August 3

Hammer time.....

All I have to say is:

You're in Paris, it's 2008! and the best you can do is a pair of pants that look like the sheet from a baby's crib wrapped around your body?

I know it's hot sweetie and for some strange reason some designers seem to think that we want hammer pants revisited. We don't (they didn't look good the first time) and this is what happens when you mindlessly follow "fashion"...... invest in a pair of linen pants, much more versatile, chic and cheap and you wont look like you pooped your pants. (which is the vision I always get with these for some weird reason)


Anonymous said...

you can't touch them

FAN said...

Go Hammer, Go Hammer.Can you floral print really look fashionable or should it only be used for hotel curtains? Help.