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Sunday, August 24

Liberated by liberty

Walking past Liberty's the other day with my boyfriend I stopped to swoon at this wonder and dreamt about the day I could wear this dress (and Prada shoes) without my boyfriend looking at me like I am a crazy lady and giving me the "curled lipped" smile that means "i don't want to say you look weird but what are you wearing?" It is so unfair that my other half doesn't get and never will find alternative or high end fashion sexy.
Personally I don't think you can get sexier than high end! and that's all that matters in affairs of the wardrobe! (he hated the dress and left me face sucking the window)

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FAN said...

At least he's honest. The truth is, men don't find classy high end fashion sexy. Its either they like the tight office pencil skirt look with high heels or they have a secret fetish for cheaper taky clothes that scream I'm cheap and easy.