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Monday, August 4

Work Etiquette ...

Today I braved my Hurwundeki skirt to work feeling very Miu Miu........I wish I hadn't really! I felt a little uncomfortable with the length. It's so hard to express my style in a blue chip environment! Lucky it's dress down day every day until October!! by the winter I will have a new plan! I am still eagerly awaiting my new Hello Kitty phone. I want it yesterday already! this is the last of my birthday presents I am waiting & waiting & waiting & waiting for....huff.
- Also in this pic: H&M black roll neck, H&M chunky chain,Patent and gold big buckle belt from small stall in Bangkok, Patent boots from a random shop on Oxford Street

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Anonymous said...

This outfit looks great, but the arms look a bit plain, maybe some sort of bracelet or chunky watch to add some bling