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Sunday, October 24


Well the other day I was moaning about only having black undies. I have not managed to change that, and unfortunately the likelihood of that changing anytime soon and just been reduced.

Jean Paul Gaultier has teamed up with super desirable La Perla on a capsule collection or Co branding as Giovanni Bianchi so gracefully puts it!
Based on JPG's iconic cone bra which he created for Madonna in the 80's he has created a collection which is worn to be seen! his shoulder pad bra is just perfect for slipping under a tuxedo dress.

The collection was shown at a "Maison Particular" an amazing 18th Century house owned by the Lafayette family (Lafayette shopping center is my favourite haunt while in Paris)......just perfect!
And who did he choose to show off his new colab at the end of his Haute show? Dita of course! and she looked impeccable as always!

I love the way Giovanni Bianchi referred to the collection as corsetry - It really is the funniest thing all this Parisenne self importance but I must admit that's one thing that I love about the French!

If you a few moments watch the clip below, its a nice video on the collect and a short clip on the show the gold dress @ 1:54 is AMAZING!!! :0)


Shel xoxo

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