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Sunday, April 4

Smelling Soapy Like Fresh Air

Having moved into my new place and not liking the smell of the previous occupants lingering. I decided I neede a solution and Febreeze was not the answer I was looking for!
After doing a little homework about home fragrance I discovered these 2 amazing things!

Loving everything vintage and Parisian, I had to order some of these papers they are the best things ever! they were introduced in the 1885 and have been a well kept French secret ever since. They smell amazing (not like incense at all) my favourite being the Rose version. they not only smell good but they also work on your inner calm and well being! now whenever anyone comes over they ask what candle I have been burning!! They come in handy booklets and neutralize the air in the entire house any smells of cooking, pets or smoke are cleaned away with the special ingredient Benzoin (usually used by perfumers) and it is 100% natural! Great for travelling too! All you need is a heat proof dish (Or hotel sink) and a lighter to make wherever you are staying your home away from home!


I also came across these lovelies in Liberty's these however are going to be firmly on my wish list as they cost a bomb!!
DL& Company make these they are called Jardin Frutier
My favourites, D'Or De Pommes Et De Poires

Amazingly mouth-wateringly delicious candles unlike any I have smelt before. Fuji apple and anjou pear with tonka bean and armoise housed in solid brass trinket boxes...they really smell like just cut fruit, not the synthetic crap you get with other fruity smelling things.

I want I want I want!!!!!!!

I am super funny about smells.... 

Shel xoxo

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