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Monday, April 5

Found! Wedges

So being the big foot that I am (39.5), I have to be careful with wedges or my feet just look really clumpy.
While surfing my new fave site My I came across these beauties!
Killing 2 birds with one stone! Safari/Jungle trend and this seasons shoe shape of choice the wedge....
They are luxe and a good price point to boot!
I think the geometrics of the wood and material will take away from the size.
I can see these with my maxi dresses or maybe with black tights or with my silky carrot trousers!!
I will be investing in a pair for sure!
Shel xoxo


EBoogie said...

ooooo I like these! great find!

Alean Simone said...

You have great style

I love those shoes

hope you get a chance to stop by my blog