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Sunday, April 4

FOUND! - Leather Jacket

At last!!! I think I have found the perfect leather jacket. I have been looking for about 4 years (no really) and until now had not found one I like (for under 500.00 anyway) I have always maintained I don’t mind spending on my hardware as long as it is not too fashion focused (so it will last) and I have been looking for a non fussy (no tassels, shiny zips or other pointless embellishments) and I finally found one on My Wardrobe.
It’s called the Jaro and it is a shoulder heavy number by Supertrash a trendy LA label worn by many of the A list. Good price point and all the zips and poppers are dark so its not to Harley Davidson! It’s a cropped length on the body and arms and looks great for spring layering.

I found more of the range on ASOS and also my Jaro jacket but it was more expensive?! (Jump to VoucherHub post) and they only have the nude which is also nice but I am looking for a keeper not a roll in the hay!! I do like the maxi dress which is going to be another summer staple (love the little gold heels)f mine this year and the multi-stone sandels, I think I will be investing in the brown pair for summer holidays . I have been storing up my T by Alexander Wang maxi dress until I found a nice jacket!

Little leather jacket perfectly modelled by Chanel!!

Shel xoxo


daniellew3 said...

Can you tell me how you find the sizing on this jacket? I ordered a small online, but now i'm worried it's too small. What size did you get? Thanks!

Shelly P said...


I am a size 6/8 but I have very broad shoulders! I got this in a xs and the back and elbows are slightly tight! I considered returning it but the fit around the waist is perfect and I think if you buy it too big it will change the proportions and wont look great! If your say a size 8/10 I suggest you stick with the small. any size smaller and I reckon you would need an xs. Hope this helps! the lining inside mine split as it was too tight(that'll be my shoulders) but the leather is fine :0)

Let me know how it is and thanks for dropping by my blog

Shel xoxo