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Monday, April 6

While in Milano

This weekend I was in Milan. I wanted to catch the Extreme Beauty in Vogue exhibition.
I had a wonderful time and the exhibition was really thought provoking and interesting, I loved the way they displayed the photos and the literature which accompanied the exhibition was fantastic.
BUT the most amazing part of my trip by far was spying 1 half of Dolce and Gabbana (Domenico Dolce) while I was at the D&G Martini Bar sipping my Passion Martini. I must admit I was feeling quite nausea's being in such close proximity to a designer I admire so much!..No pics or autographs or business cards exchanged, due to the situation (he was eating) and the fact that it was taking all my efforts to even breath :0) I think star struck is an under statement! That was definatly the highlight of my year!
I went out to Gioia 69 which is a club in central Milano.....didn't have much fun there until around 3am when it was not so busy and we had a little space on the dance floor to bust a move!
Picked up a few new things including a cream lace dress (below) a pair of paper bag trousers, a new waist coat, leather look leggings and a plain black top. I also had a street artist draw a picture of me which was fun :0)
Apart from Ryan air delaying my flight and arriving home at 5AM with work @ 9AM I had a wonderful time.
Allsaints necklace
Zara waistcoat
Luella Cape
Green People jeans
H&M Dress
Sisley Belt
Vintage chain (Portabello Market)
Steve Madden Heels
Diane Von Furstenburg Flats
Allsaints bed top
Francesca Bisia Bag
Vintage suede Clutch (Absolute Vintage)

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James said...

so cuuuuute ;)

next time see u in Milan ;)