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Wednesday, April 22

Good Luck

So as mentioned before i went to the Vogue pre launch party of Matthew Williamson's new range for H&M. When i arrived i was disappointed to see a queue trailing back more than 3 blocks.
So there i was moaning and moaning about how badly organized Vogue had been and then i nearly chocked on my words when Matthew Williamson walked off down the road. After standing there debating weather i was seeing things because of the pains of my poor feet, i had it reaffirmed when he walked back up the street and right past me......i took my chance....AND LOOK he happily posed for a picture with me and was so so so so lovely he gave me a big hug promised we would be in soon, signed my ticket and blessed my sore feet.
Most of the pieces had already sold out by the time we made it in but i picked up a few cute things. Goodie bag was a little sparse but i did get a cute MW journal which i will be using for my new evening classes.
All in all A FANTASTIC DAY i am shattered and off to bed xoxo

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Anonymous said...

Matthew Williamson owww i am so JEALOUS, wish i was their