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Saturday, April 18

Buy my wardrobe

Today I went to the Buy my wardrobe event at the which was great fun and well worth the trip!
I picked up a pair of huge art deco earrings and a fabulous frothy see through cupcake candy striped 60's shirt which I will be donning for my Christian Lacroix at the V&A.
*I am a little fed up of pussybows so I decided to switch it up and tie the bow into a tie instead.... and I really liked it
(I dont know what is up with my camerea at the moment but I am looking at a new one. Maybe a mini SLR as mine seems to be putting phantom white spots on everything)


Anonymous said...

Lovely top, the earings are a bit hard to see, but look nice

Anonymous said...

Love the look as a casual work or day look- shirt abit extra for me but looks fab on you.....