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Saturday, December 11

Lace Tights?!? Never.

I really hate lace tights, I think they are so over the top and fussy and most of the time look really dreadful!
Lace is a delicate element and although I love to play with texture lace is a none mover I think no matter how you wear it it should stay delicate. Even if you pair it with something very hard like leather for example.
I saw some lace tights I really liked in the last DKNY resort campaign and thought yep! If I am every going to wear lace tights it would be ones like that!

So far I have found these which I quite like!
 You have to try and keep the rest of your outfit minimal otherwise it all looks very confused and not chic at all. Unless your going for a mad ott evening look!
For the day however, I hope I am setting a good example below!!

Jacket - Whistles
Dress - Reiss
Tights - ASOS
Shoes - Oasis

Shel xoxo

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