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Sunday, December 5

Dress SOS

So I am sat here right now with a needle in my mouth. I am about to repair a vintage dress of mine. I am lending it to a friend of mine for a party. I bought this dress from a charity shop outside my grannies house and fell in love with it! Its a princess dress for sure but with a twist! it is vintage black taffeta covered in net it has a sweetheart neck line with a velvet accent and its empire line so it floats like a dream!!!!
Team with long silky gloves shiny sparkly mules and your good to go!! I love an evening dress which you can dress up with accesories but is also stunning in its own right that gives you endless options and means it is a true classic!

I dont mind a bit of sewing it kinda comes with the territory when buying vintage this is going to be a little hard though as it is the netting which has come undone and that almost as hard as lace to mend.

Don't worry Cinderella will go to the ball!

Shel xoxo

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