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Tuesday, November 23

Whistle while you work.....and play

I am a HUGE whistles fan, I love the style (if not a tad pricey)
I love the way they have a great selection of casual wear, work wear, and evening wear every season. You would be surprised how many high street shops don't! Take for example Topshop Oxford Circus (Shop of mass torture) I was in there the other day, and I don't know if I am slowly falling out of the Topshop target customer but in the 2hrs I was in there I couldn't find any party wear at all!!! well not my sort of party wear anyway or even work wear for that matter and while I am at it I couldn't even find a flaming decent jumper. (Do I sound like a granny yet?? lol)
I have a lot of work wear and casual bits from Whistles it works great for me!
Party frocks still a tad too much averaging at around £250.00 + (Although I did buy an amazing dress for my fashion twins wedding in Seville and it was PERFECT - dress and wedding!!)
Loving the latest drop at are my picks
P.S I want those shoes.....AMAZING!!!!!!!!

Shel xoxo

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