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Monday, November 22

Runway to Realway!!!

Thanks to my Friend Maria I am able to do my first "Real" Runway to Realway post!!
She rocked up to work today and casually point out her brand spanking new shiny Prada flats!! from the A/W 2010 collection.
Obviously after painfully holding back my squeals of delight and complimenting them profusely I asked for a shot of them with this post in mind!

She had gone on a rampage at Selfridges shoe hall
(did I mention I have dare not set foot in that place for fear of breaking down??)
 and mentioned that they had all the various heel heights but she opted for the flats. Good choice, but she has tinky tiny feet (36 I believe) and for big footed people like me (39.5) they will look like skis because of the exaggerated pointed toe. I would need to go for the high or mid heeled version.

Who can't remember this awesome collection?!
 And although Louis Vuitton did 50's glam best this season Prada were a very close second.

Watch this space tomorrow I will don my Prada-esque outfit
(Unfortunately minus the perfect pussy bow shoes.)

Maria Teamed her flats with a black lace panelled skater skirt (Knee length) a plain black top and several strands of white pearls. Chic Perfection! Also some of my faves from the show!

Don't they look like little mice (Sweet)

Shel xoxo

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