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Saturday, November 20

Brand Discovery Alert!!!! - VIVETTA

I went to visit my little boutique I like in Angel today (Workshop) and I found the ceutest brand since I discovered my Anneil pumps (below)
As I don't really do "casual", I tend to dress cute rather than sporty when I do dress down and boy does this label know how to do cute!!!
I fell in love with this guards jacket the instant I tried it on. Its Primary firebox red and the buttons, pockets and collar all in super soft black velvet. (and I looked like a real guard with my fur hat on!!! sorry for the crummy pic)
I also tried on the marble print velvet skirt (shown below with the bow tied shirt) but it was too big :(
As soon as I got home I googled them. See my "cute as a button" picks below!

Red Guards Jacket £355.00 (Yes please Santa)

I think its time for an ebay steak out for seasons past!!!
Shel xoxo

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