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Monday, January 18

Holiday Packing

My Friend Frida gave me the gift of one of the bags she designed, I adore it! so as I have been packing and trying on my outfits for Morocco, it dawned on me that it is the perfect bag to go with all my pastels and nudes that I have been storing up ready for spring. The weather forecast looks good in Marrakech. I just hope it is warm enough to wear a camisole or two! If not I found an adorable long striped blazer, which I am looking forward to clashing with everything (It also looks suspiciously like a certain Diane Von Furstenberg one I have been lusting after)

The bag is made from soft leather and so smells amazing and is super comfy to hold, I am wearing it as a clutch in the pictures but it also come with an adorable gold chain so you can wear it on your shoulder or across the body. Definatly a staple!


Christine said...

Just from your montage of pictures at the top, I can tell you have great style. And I was wondering if it'd be OK for me to make a post about your style on my blog.

Shelma said...

Thanks so much!

Of course I don't mind! Let me know your blog details and I will add you to my sites for sore eyes list


Christine said...

THANKS SO MUCH! I have a fashion blog which I just recently started, and I could really use the traffic!

My next post will be about you!