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Thursday, November 24

Read all about it!!


Creme De La Trend is on the move, I am off to Sydney in a few days and i will be doing a special 
"CDLT Down Under" edition on Wordpress.
In the mean time have a look at all the things I have wanted to share but have not had the time to this month.

I'm listening to "Oh Land" she is just fantastic, reminds me of Bjork minus the madness!! silky tones charming beats and quirky lyrics have made this a firm faveourite of mine

She is like a 60's siren with a 2020 twist, so cute! She is also a bit of a chameleon which I love..
Personal Faves: Rainbow, Son of a gun, white nights
Skip to: Break the chain & Helicopter
Forward:Voodoo, Human

I have been looking for a new watch (I like the Micheal Kors ones) But I have been strictly forbidden from buying one by my fashion twin, who has been over them almost as long as they have been around..

Que my new want! this cute and strange one I sourced and LOVE LOVE LOVE.
When she sees this I think she will probably want me to have a Kors!! =0)

The Last Laugh - William Andrew £145.00
(Fueling my unhealthy obsession with skulls)

More to come........

Shel xoxo

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Anonymous said...

Keep up your posts sis, I love them!