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Thursday, September 9

Nars mash up

Nars has launched a new range of nail varnish's that are based on Classic Cinema for the autumn.
I chose to go with MASH its a gold khaki and perfect for the camel/light colour palette this autumn.It was a close call with King Kong but I decided KK was a little flashy for every day wear and for £13 I want everyday wearability!
(See colour/film list below)

As I have super long nails I have to be really careful with the shades I chose (everyone seems to think my nails are fake anyway) but they have a tendency to look a little talon and 70's like if I wear bold or overly metallic colours :0) I actually loved having long oval nails this summer as everyone kept them short and sweet and of course I hate to follow suit......Also this winter I do think I will be channeling the 70's vibe! 
  • Mash – Army green with gold
  • King Kong – Copper brown with gold
  • Midnight Express – Deep navy
  • Zulu – Forest Green
  • Full Metal Jacket – Gunmetal

Shel xoxo

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