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Tuesday, October 4

Moomin me....

Today I am super happy, it is hot and sunny here in London and tonight I go for dinner with my fashion twin, and will get all the gossip from her trip to beautiful Italia..
So anyway I have been racking my brain about who I look like all day and I have finally realised!!
Its Little My from the Moomins!!!!!!  How happy am I?! Super!! (no really I am!!) I love the Moomins to the max!!!! But in case I am lost in my own little world and you don't know which character
I am referring to, Little My is the tiny one in the front on the left looking cross...

I find my inspiration in the strangest places and it may not always be the most obvious connection. But it cracks me up and makes me happy and in fashion that's all that matters!!

Feel good look good!

Excuse the manga shine going on! I don't have the time (or the man power) to be prancing around fields or choice locations looking powdered and done! these for example were taken on my lunch break!
Sometimes I feel like I am missing out to all of these blogs which look like they should be paid for content! but I hope until I have the resources and the time you still enjoy my rants, raves and amateur pics!

Glasses - Bvlgari
Top - H&M
Trousers - Zara
Bag - CuCu
Platforms - Aldo
Shel xoxo

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