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Monday, February 28


I am going to be doing a mega update soon! I have been under the weather of late (awwwwwww)

But I seem to be orbiting earth as we speak.......the gift of Mulberry (hint) helped me come winging back!!
I have a lot to update you guys on!!

I have been looking at my fashion twins blog (she has been SUPER busy) running around to private Anya Hindmarsh parties, the Burberry catwalk show etc etc. Anyway she posted an awesome pic of herself and I thought it was the perfect picture for her debut on Creme De La Trend......

So here she is my fashion lover muse and twin....introducing Frida :0)

Beautiful huh!!

Shel xoxo

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Anonymous said...

Thanks sweetie!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Keep up with your posts, love reading your blog!!!